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Dry Needling is a very effective variant of trigger point therapy .   With Dry Needling, myofascial trigger points and fascias are also targeted and treated. 

The gesture of pricking reactivates the oxygen supply in the contracted muscle fiber and the fascia, reduces the inflammatory reaction, improves the vascularization and thus releases the tension in a lasting way. 

For this, a physiotherapist or a specially trained doctor will prick the trigger point using a sterile acupuncture needle. 

The puncture in the trigger point causes a short, localized muscle twitch in the muscle cord, often experienced by patients as a “feel good and relaxing pain”. This muscle twitch not only confirms that the Trigger point has been reached, but also mobilizes the supposed adhesions of the fascias.



At En Equilibre, several therapists are trained in Trigger Point.


For any information or to make an appointment, you can contact the central number or by e-mail.

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