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avec la Ligue vaudoise contre le rhumatisme

descriptif lombosport

few people know

that rheumatism is

the No. 1 disease in Switzerland with nearly 2.5 million people affected


The pain felt at the joint level at any level leads to compensations. These compensations themselves create other pains. Then follows the establishment of a vicious circle in which the pain leads to limitations which lead to renunciations, thus generating a reduction in capacities and quality of life. 

The lombosport course aims to stop this vicious circle, gradually giving your body and joints new skills with less pain and opening the way to certain activities and a better quality of life.

For who?

Whether you have pain in your knees, back, shoulders, whether it's rare or frequent, or you don't want to have this kind of pain,



this course is for you.

You are afraid that your pain will limit you or prevent you from participating fully but have a good balance;  don't worry, this course individualizes each exercise and will allow you to train and progress whatever your level. .

Podcast: Sport et activité physique - l'activité adéquate pour ses rhumatismes

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Typical training session

  1. Warming up all together

  2. Hiit on devices

  3. Exercise course under the supervision of un physio

  4. Muscle stretches all together

Hiit on 30' devices (ex10' on devices)

  1. Device: bike, elliptical, treadmill, stair, rower

  2. Dimming

  3. Goal: endurance

Exercise circuits under physio supervision

  1. Exercises demonstrated at the beginning of the session and reproducible at home.

  2. Intensity: individually variable

  3. Goals: confidence, strength, stability, endurance

  4. Recovery and stretching

  5. Variation of exercises: steps, rubber band, bar, weight, floor

1 theoretical lesson

introduction and de sensitization

10 workouts

1 theoretical course on questions and assessments

Content session 1

  • Explanation of the vicious circle of deconditioning - pain

  • back anatomy

  • Deep Plane Awareness Exercises

  • Importance of daily or regular physical exercise

  • Interest of HIIT

  • Benefits of stretching

  • Importance of food and hydration

  • Course objective

Content session 12

  • Questions about the chosen suite

  • Autonomy, renewal of the course, another sport...

  • Course evaluation

  • Discussion







Register by contacting the Vaudoise League against Rheumatism

Tarifs et détails disponibles sur le site de la ligue vaudoise contre le rhumatisme en cliquant ci-dessous

Friday from 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.
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