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Massage thérapeutique



Lymphatic drainage relieves edema, inflammation. It also acts on the nervous system (sedative effect), on the muscles (evacuation of lactic acid), on the immune system (stimulation of the body's defenses), and on intestinal transit (helps in case of constipation) . Finally, it is widely used by athletes to prepare the muscles for effort and allow better recovery.

Lymphatic drainage is a slow and gentle massage intended to stimulate the circulation of the lymph, a colorless liquid which circulates in the lymphatic vessels and which drains toxins and cellular debris. Concretely, it consists of applying slow and regular circular pressure on the skin with the fingers and the palms of the hands around the weakened area on the return circulatory level (venous and lymphatic system), following the direction of the lymphatic circulation and by varying the pressure. 

Lymphatic drainage essentially employs manual techniques. Circular movements both soft and precise made with the palm and fingers, associated with pressures that gradually increase and decrease.

There are several methods 

the Dr. Vodder method, created in the 1930s, the Dr. Leduc method and the Godoy method. The duration of a session varies between about twenty minutes and 1h30 depending on the case.

At the medical level, it is particularly recommended to relieve oedemas, swellings and ulcers. It is also useful for treating blood and lymphatic circulation problems, such as venous insufficiency, and for reducing the risk of infection. Lymphatic drainage would indeed improve the body's defenses by promoting lymphatic flow. It also has a calming action on the sympathetic neuro-vegetative system and invigorating on the intestine, which makes it possible to fight against constipation. Finally, it is widely used by athletes to prepare the muscles for effort and allow better recovery.

At En Equilibre, several therapists are trained in lymphatic drainage according to Vodder and Godoy. For any information or to make an appointment, you can contact the central number or by e-mail.

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