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We have created the Hypermobile concept _cc781905-5cde -3194 - bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in order to respond as comprehensively as possible to the physical and emotional problems of people hypersensitive patients that we have been taking care of daily in our office for several years. These people are referred to us, in general, for isolated painful problems which prove, during our preliminary anamnesis, to be part of a much more global problem. Through our questioning, we have systematically observed a dysregulation of the neuro-vegetative system that we call neuro-vegetative dystonia (DNV).

In order to promote the regulation of this system, we realized that the “standard” approach of current physiotherapy was not enough, because it did not act on certain fundamental aspects at the origin of this disorder.

On the physical level, the local techniques in the area prescribed by the doctor did not allow the pain to be treated satisfactorily, as it had a tendency to be recurrent and carried a significant risk of chronicization. In addition, our anamnesis allowed us to highlight a tendency for pain to spread to several regions of the body, and to be associated with other somatic symptoms, such as digestive, respiratory, cardiac or paresthetic disorders. without organic causes identified by medicine through in-depth investigations carried out.

On the emotional level, only the patients with heavy and clearly identified traumas had followed or were in the process of being taken care of on the psychological level to act on the somatic symptoms identified as being linked to an emotional problem.

The physiotherapeutic approach integrating hypersensitivity did not exist to date, and even less with its link to joint hypermobility.

We have therefore brought together a set of techniques and approaches in order to act on both the physical and emotional problems of our patients. However, we would like to point out that we have not created any of these techniques. It is through our training and our research that we have selected the concepts that we are going to present to you in this chapter. These are the ones we put into practice when we manage a patient with VND. The principle of the Hypermobile concept is to set up a program of care and self-management of the physical and emotional components at the origin of the DNV.

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