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Around senology and oncology care, there is first of all a personal path, a journey, emotions, often a family; there is someone…

Beyond the technical skills that we put at your disposal, the therapeutic coaching that we offer you, there is first and always, listening and understanding your History.

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During medical treatment

chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy

Support at different
processing steps

Several physiotherapy treatments can be provided to improve your daily life and support you in your care journey.

Lymphatic drainage

Relief of edema and reduction of inflammation.  Lymphatic drainage relieves edema and inflammation. It also acts on the nervous system (sedative effect), on the muscles (evacuation of lactic acid), on the immune system (stimulation of the body's defenses), and on intestinal transit (helps in case of constipation)

Scar treatment

Maintenance of the mobility of the periarticular tissues of the shoulder and of the movements of opening of the upper limb. upper limbs) is essential and even more so in breast cancer surgery because they are located at the shoulder/armpit hollow crossroads which has a strong tendency to stiffness._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ in question not being easy to access, it requires the use of both hands. In addition, psychologically, the sight, the contact with the scar, recalls the trauma of the attack on the breast . and thus promote open postures and access to free movement.

shoulder rehabilitation

Recovery of mobility, strength and functionality of the shoulder.  It consists of recovering or maintaining full joint mobility with a view to radiotherapy treatment or in order to carry out everyday gestures.  In addition to mobility, the strengthening of the shoulder complex will help relieve your ailments, carry out your activities of daily living but also to consider a resumption of physical activities.  A mobile and strong shoulder will allow you to have a "more serene" daily life.

Postural work

Correction of the compensations related to the intervention or to the pains.


Use of different techniques to minimize or eliminate the painful consequences of treatments.

Effort reconditioning

Improvement and recovery of a physical condition allowing to better fight against the disease, to limit the side effects of the treatments and to support an awareness of the body and an optimal self-esteem.

Moral support and accompaniment

Listening, discussions and advice in order to promote the implementation of therapeutic and life strategies.

During and after breast cancer, women must adopt a healthy lifestyle with enduring and muscular physical activity on a regular basis.

Why is this so important?

Femmes marchant

Because this physical activity allows you to:

  • fight breast cancer recurrences (50% decrease).

  • limit the harmful effects of treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy prescribed for 5 or even 10 years).

  • reduce fatigue and joint pain, while avoiding weight gain.

Physical activity helps the operated woman to reclaim her body.


The regions concerned "surround and encompass" the breast: these are the shoulder and the whole of the upper limb, the scapula, the rib cage, the hollow of the armpit, and often more or less directly, the abdomen and the back due to reconstructions.

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