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"Your story is important
  for us"

Our mission is to offer you the best care while respecting your limits.  We know how sensitive and disturbing problems related to the perineum can be. Thus, we are committed to providing you with support that is as comfortable and positive as possible.

Whatever your story, your background, your orientations, your questions and your fears, our listening will be benevolent and will offer you a serene welcome. 

We are convinced that learning is done at any time of life and we invite you to share your opinion, your desires and comments in order to meet your needs in order to build your progress and achieve your goals.

Fleurs en poche

We are comfortable with the things that make you uncomfortable


Solve your problem of incontinence  (mixed or anal) , whether associated with effort or an overactive bladder


Resolving disorders  sexologists (e.g. vaginismus)


Relieve your pain, especially pelvic pain


Improve the  symptoms   of organ descent (prolapse)


Strengthen your overall muscle stability


Helping you return to physical activity with confidence


Helping you find a fulfilling woman's life


en  physiotherapy in female perineology

Direction des fleurs

We believe that a holistic approach that takes into account the body as a whole, as well as your posture, is more relevant to understanding the problem and solving it.

Step by step, we will treat the root cause by different means discussed together and always according to your balance sheet and your personal needs.

We are at your disposal for any questions and information at the central number or by email.

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