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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT tapping is a technique aimed at treating the emotional disturbances that have arisen during events experienced throughout one's life course.

It makes it possible to act on the physical sensations, somatic symptoms or emotions which, linked to these multiple traumas, disturb daily life.

It also aims to generate cognitive changes vis-à-vis daily issues related to trauma (modification of certain beliefs harmful to the resolution of a problem).

The method consists of tapping with the finger a set of precise points corresponding to the entry and exit points of the meridians of Chinese medicine, while listing the disturbances (physical sensations, emotions, negative thoughts associated with the event) . The goal is to restore a positive signal, like the cathode ray television on which we gave a blow on the side to restore the image. These explanations are of course largely simplified, and only people who have undergone in-depth training, both theoretical and practical, are able to deal with emotional issues according to EFT taping._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ As far as we are concerned, EFT is the method we have chosen to address the emotional components when these can be linked to the physical problems of our patients or when they interfere with their progress.

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The principle of this technique is to work on lived events, identified as posing a problem in our present life, by inducing emotions, pain, physical symptoms when they are evoked or remembered.

It is in no way a question of reliving the event and its intensities.

This technique was created and readjusted by Gary Craig , an American engineer from Stanford University. Only teaching by instructors certified by Gary Craig himself is consistent and strictly faithful to his technique and protocols. In French-speaking Switzerland, the instructors are Diane and Alain Von Der Weid. It is therefore their instruction that we followed.    


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Benoit Martin

At the firm En Equilibre, Benoît Martin is trained in the EFT technique.  You can contact the firm's central number or by email.

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