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Created as a couple in March 2008, the practice was first articulated between physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

Our will was from the beginning to offer each patient an analysis of his problem through a global vision. Thus, we could associate the specificity of a management by manual techniques with the globality and the functionality of the active management of stabilization and reinforcement and lifestyle, quickly practicable in an autonomous way.


The positive evolution of the demand for physiotherapy and the confidence shown by the attending physicians enabled us to quickly welcome new colleagues, increasing the number of staff from 2 in 2008 to 5 in 2010 and thus offering, in addition to new faces, the wealth of several sensitivities and the association of skills.

This development has also allowed us to open a door to the field of occupational therapy which, by its specificities, has come to complete the view that can be taken of a number of problems and by its sensitivities to enrich the therapeutic team.

Subsequently, the firm continued its evolution still welcoming new concepts such as Pilates, new skills and new faces.


After a terribly troubled year 2016 by the abrupt departure of one of our colleagues, 2017 arrived with the opportunity to offer the firm a new dimension, a facelift and new faces ready to join the epic.


In this context and after 9 years of life without a name, the practice, which had become a rehabilitation center, needed to find an identity. Our daily desire to find a way to solve a problem, reduce pain,  improve mobility, assess situations as a whole, exchange our ideas and share our questions , only makes sense if each patient is allowed to regain an optimal quality of life. Sometimes far from the notions of anatomical standards, it is the balance of the person that we are aiming for.

En Equilibre  therefore seemed obvious.

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