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In the context of our practice, therapeutic massages come to take a place in their own right. Whether you want to combine a massage session in parallel with your physiotherapy or occupational therapy follow-up, or want to release tensions on an ad hoc or regular basis in connection with an effort, stress, a competition or even if you want to treat yourself from time to time to a moment of tranquility, Nathalie will be happy to accompany you towards your goal through the different types of massages that we offer.


Therapeutic back massage acts in  depth on accumulated muscle tension. It mobilizes the tissues and will grant through its pressures as well as selected essential oils, relaxation and relaxation both physical and psychic_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

60 minutes / CHF 110


This massage aims to accelerate the flow of lymph and thus promote the elimination of edema; it also contributes to the evacuation of toxins from the body and to the stimulation of the immune system; it can then be indicated in case of venous and/or lymphatic disorders as well as as a recovery massage.

60 minutes / CHF 110

90 minutes / CHF 150


Through a slow and energetic massage along the spine and intervertebral discs, it aims for intense relaxation in the spine. It stimulates the meridians with the help of St. John 's wort oil, very effective in relaxing nervous tension. the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. 

60 minutes / CHF 110


The sports massage will intervene following an effort in the context of recovery, in a period of increased fatigue or increased loads. It is a massage intended for athletes of all levels and all ages and oriented on the parts of the body concerned.

60 minutes / CHF 110


This massage is composed of gentle maneuvers acting both on the superficial and deep levels. The gestures sound slow and slightly supported while remaining adapted to each patient. Its goal is to allow recovery, relaxation, stress reduction while offering a moment of tranquility.

60 minutes / CHF 110

Nathalie Barben

massage therapist

Nathalie Barben Massothérapeute

Member of the RME trained and recognized by most funds in the context of complementary insurance. We invite you to contact your health insurance fund to make sure.

Nathalie Barben Massothérapeute et lymphothérapeute reconnue, membre RME
Rue de Couvaloup 24 - 1110 Morges

Payment in cash or by credit card

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